Dalton, MA to Manchester, VT

Day 130: We started out our morning at Cumberland Farms with coffee and muffins. Feeling refreshed after our zero. We only ended up taking one break between Dalton and Cheshire; a nine mile stretch. We did take several pit stops to get rid of coffee. We got ice cream in Cheshire and took a two-hour lunch break. We called the outfitter in town (they had no regular hours) and the guy told us the place was closed for good but he had two canisters left he could sell us. We walked around for a while looking for the place until a local gave us directions. It was a bunch of gear in a garage. The guy remembered us as the Maine Sisters! We met him in the Smokies. He had to get off trail due to Lyme Disease. Back on trail, five miles to the shelter. It was mostly uphill, but it felt great on the feet! Had a fire with other hikers tonight which was nice. Loving the bear box!

Day 131: We climbed up Mt. Greylock and got some coffee at the top. The people were super rude there. We ran into Cozy there and got to catch up. When we were up there Navi found a rash and we were worried it was a tick bite. We had a long hike down to Rt. 2. When we got there, Rob Byrd was there doing trail magic. He also gave us a ride to the hospital… Navi doesn’t have lyme, but I have bed bugs! After the hospital, we went to Los Desperatos for dinner and they gave us food and drinks on the house! The bartender also offered to let us tent in his backyard, but J-Rex knew someone in town. Annette picked us up and let us tent in her yard.

Day 132: We got a ride back to the trail from Annette and hike up out-of-town. We finally crossed into Vermont! After a hippie photo shoot, we started hiking through ‘Vermud’. We hiked until dark and stealth camped. There was an owl screeching at us!

Day 133: A short hike down into Bennington and an easy hitch to town. We resupplied at Dollar General then grabbed some food at a bagel shop. Then to the laundromat to dry all my stuff for 30 minutes (to kill the bed bugs). We got another quick hitch back to the trail. It was all uphill to the shelter where we are staying tonight. Expecting rain. Nice shelter. Chilly.

Day 134: A windy and cold morning. It rained last night and the wind was blowing the rain off the leaves. We walked four miles to the first shelter where we stopped for a quick break. We couldn’t stay long because it was so chilly. Another 4.7 miles to the next shelter for lunch. The rain really came down between the two shelters! We stopped and made a hot drink to try to warm up. We had another four miles to go before trying to find a stealth spot. We hiked on and caught up with Hob and Chickadee. Hob’s old coworker had a ski condo close and they were supposed to meet up with them tomorrow night. Hob called them up and asked if a day early would be ok and they invited us along! Deb and Jim invited us in with open arms. We got a shower and a chance to do laundry. They fed us this huge gourmet meal and offered us real beds to sleep in! Truly a wonderful night after such a dreary morning.

Day 135: I woke warm and rested. We were served eggs and bacon, and coffee and orange juice, then brought back out to the trail. We climbed Stratton Mountain, which had a fire tower. It was windy and cold, but the views were phenomenal! We hiked down, then it was smooth sailing for the rest of the day. We got another nice view. We are camped near the road to Manchester Center. I got an awesome bear hang today! Cool night. Snuggled in the tent and it is starting to rain.

Day 136: We woke early to a cool morning. Hitched a ride to Green Mountain House Hostel and left our night gear behind. The owner was headed to the trailhead, so got a ride back with him. We are slack packing for the first time and managed to get on trail by 8 A.M. We hiked up Bromley Mountain, which has a ski resort on it. The top was exposed and the wind was very chilly. Thankfully they leave the ski patrol hut open in the summer. We took refuge inside and had a snack. We put on every layer we had and it was barely enough even out of the wind. We left all our layers on as we continued to hike. We had two more mountains to summit and we barely stopped for breaks, because it was so cold. Navi checked the temperature at the top of Peru Peak and it read 47F. We continued to cruise through more level land after the mountains and thankfully the rain held off. We got to Danby and found Andrew’s (Navi’s husband) car in the parking lot; empty! He’d gotten there early so he decided to go for a run. When he got back he drove us to the Green Mountain House. We showered, then picked J-Rex up and went to dinner!

Day 137: Zero Day 🙂 Best Hostel on the trail!!


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